Woman Frozen In Street Tiktok Video

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Woman Frozen In Street Tiktok Video

Bisnisen.com – Talking about phenomena that are viral on social media, it is undeniable that a TikTok video featuring a woman freezing in the middle of the street has caught the public’s attention. Through this short video, we are treated to a scene that leaves an impression on our minds, where a woman is silent like a statue in the middle of a busy street.

In a few seconds, his mute figure managed to make people pause from their routine, attract attention and invite various speculations. As if time had stopped, the video managed to gain widespread popularity on various social media platforms, becoming a hot topic among netizens.

However, behind this mystery, there are a million questions that haunt the minds of many people. Who is that woman frozen in the middle of the street? What really happened?

Woman Frozen In Street Tiktok Video

Woman Frozen In Street Tiktok Video is a TikTok video that has caught the attention of social media users which recently went viral after showing a woman trapped in a frozen state in the middle of a street on July 16 in England. This incident caused concern and provoked various speculations among netizens.

Woman Frozen In Street Tiktok Video

In the video that lasts a few seconds, which was posted by unknown1575489 on TikTok, a woman can be seen standing like a statue on the side of the road while wearing winter clothes complete with a hat and thick jacket. His arms stretched forward and his legs seemed to be wrapped in snow. His stiff expression made the people who saw this video feel shocked and curious about what was happening.

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This video immediately spread through social media platforms and attracted the attention of many users. Many netizens have expressed their concern and put forward various theories about what happened to the woman. Starting from speculation that the woman may have a mental disorder to allegations that this is a staged prank.

However, upon further investigation, it was discovered that the video was the result of a technology called deepfake. Deepfake is a video manipulation technique that uses artificial intelligence to create fake videos that appear very real. In this case, an unidentified social media user used this technology to create a shocking and attention-grabbing video.

The local police are currently carrying out further investigations to find out who the perpetrators are behind this video and the reasons behind their actions. The use of deepfake technology with unclear purposes like this may violate the law and cause harm to the individual victim.

This incident shows how easy it is nowadays to manipulate social media content using advanced technology. This emphasizes the importance of our vigilance and caution when responding to viral videos or news on social media platforms.

In today’s digital era, information circulating on social media is very vulnerable to manipulation and the spread of fake news. Therefore, it is important for us as social media users to always verify before trusting and disseminating the information we receive.

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In the case of this TikTok video, even though it is proven to be the result of manipulation, this incident shows how fake or sensational content can easily spread and go viral in the digital space. We all need to be smart and responsible consumers, and avoid spreading content that might harm others or create panic in society.


We call on all social media users to always be vigilant and check information before spreading it. Our vigilance and criticality will help maintain the integrity and sustainability of a digital space that is safe and beneficial for all its users.

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